Gillespie Precast receives 2015 Pinnacle Award

March, 2015 Orlando, FL --

The Pinnacle Award is an annual award, sponsored by Spillman Company, given to NPCA Producer members who best showcase their creative solutions for everyday challenges that arise in the precast plant. The highest scoring entry earns the Pinnacle Award. Gillespie Precast won the 2015 Pinnacle Award for the Pocket Pull!


The Pinnacle Award honors a product that is fresh and innovative.  The Pocket Pull was designed to remove the rubber recess forms cast-in to concrete, in order to create bolt pockets.  Before the Pocket Pull, digging and prying was the best way to remove these rubber forms.  This damaged them and the concrete around them, as well as, causing possible safety hazards and expending extra time.  After the pocket pull, the forms can be easily be removed and reused again and again, saving time and material costs!  

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Jim Talbott, V.P. General Manager - Gillespie Precast LLC
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