Gillespie completes custom precast for DE City Refinery

February 2, 2015 Chestertown, MD --

Gillespie Precast's precast custom fit saved time and money for the DE City Refinery. Gillespie team experience and a solid collaboration supported this significant overhaul of a cast in place. The project build was a 6’ wide, 7’ deep and 1470’ long concrete trench housing a 24” pipe to unload crude oil from railcars.

It was originally designed as cast in place, but Gillespie Precast worked with the Refinery’s design team to convert this to a design that could be precast to save the Refinery both time and money. The entire project consisted of 242 pieces of precast of which the heaviest was 56,000 lbs. The walls were stepped from 12” to 17” to support an overhead unloading rack that was attached to the trench. All of the pieces were manufactured over a 3 month period and installed in less than one month.

For more info and photos contact:
Jim Talbott, V.P. General Manager - Gillespie Precast LLC
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